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A single plastic straw might not seem like much. But since straws can rarely be recycled, they typically don't go away. So when you tally up all the straws used in a day, a week, a month, it adds up to a huge problem for turtles, fish, seals, and other wildlife. It also impacts people, as the chemicals from plastics travel up the food chain.

We can do better.

We're asking restaurants and businesses to be champions for the cause, working to remove these straws from their daily operations or serve them only upon request, in turn raising awareness of the plastic pollution that threatens our world.

Joining the campaign is simple. All you need to do is pledge to eventually eliminate single-use plastic straws. Some suggestions to make it super easy:

We also ask that you communicate about your participation publicly where and when it makes sense for you (we'll provide social shares, owned and earned media opportunities, and other business activities).

Questions? E-mail us at

Why Join Give a Sip?

We can think of lots of reasons.

  • Realize cost savings from reduced straw orders
  • Highlight that your company is socially responsible and conservation-minded
  • Align with a beloved and respected conservation organization
  • Receive inclusion on this site and our social media accounts
  • Display WCS-endorsed signage explaining the company's commitment
  • Participate in campaign activities and meaningful moments (events, campaign activations, media opportunities and more)

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