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With Give a Sip, we're supporting the bill to get rid of single-use plastic straws in New York City. Since they often can't be recycled, these straws never really go away. Instead, they can end up in our waters where they do deadly harm to our local animals.

Sea turtles, birds, and fish can't ask us to stop polluting. They often can't avoid getting tangled in plastic or mistaking it for food, either. An estimated 71% of seabirds and 30% of turtles have been found with plastic in their stomachs. And when an animal ingests plastic, it's often fatal.

We have a plastic waste crisis right now. At the rate we're polluting, there will be more plastic in the ocean by weight than fish by 2050. And we show no signs of stopping. Experts expect plastic production to increase by 40% over the next decade due to a rise in manufacturing.

Be part of the solution. Join with us and give up single-use plastic straws today.

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I support the New York City bill to help wildlife by getting rid of single-use plastic straws.


Dear New York City Council Member and Mayor Bill de Blasio,

As a supporter of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), I'm writing to express my support for Int. 936 to eliminate single-use plastic straws from food establishments in New York City.

Single-use plastic straws and stirrers cannot be recycled, so they either end up in landfills or as litter where they eventually wind up in the ocean. Scientific studies demonstrate that single-use plastics are entering New York's waterways, and threatening wildlife and ultimately human health. Eventually these plastics break down into smaller pieces, known as microplastics, which wildlife, and potentially humans, ingest.

This bill (Int. 936) prevents food establishments in New York City from offering consumers single-use beverage straws or stirrers made of plastic or other non-biodegradable material. It would still allow food service establishments to offer biodegradable and reusable straws to consumers. It also includes exemptions that allow food service establishments to continue to offer appropriate straws for people with disabilities or medical conditions. Since this law will take effect 180 days after passage, it allows time for consumers to be educated on the issue and food service establishments to prepare to make appropriate changes.

Please join New York City Council Member Rafael L. Espinal, Jr., in his efforts to protect our waters from plastic pollution and support Int. 936 -- the Single-use Plastic Straw Bill.


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You can still protect wildlife by pledging to give up single-use plastic straws.

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